Fighting for Humanitarian Cause

women And children running charity bake sale smilingAll over the world, millions of people are homeless, orphans, abused, and displaced victims of disasters. Recognizing this need, we exist to fight for their cause. As a charity organization in Georgia, we implement various programs that cater to their specific needs enabled by the organizations’ sponsors, volunteers, and partners. Our ultimate goal is to bring them physical and spiritual hope as we help them rise from their distressing status quo.

Everyone deserves the right to obtain a safe and comfortable life regardless of their economic status, age, gender, race, origin, and past. From the issues of lack of daily living resources to rescuing victims of trafficking, we conduct several programs to address various problems of the less privileged regions of the world.

Programs Offered at Grace For All Nations, Inc.

Food for the Hungry
Families with meager income hardly ever get three meals per day. Many are still living in the streets as mendicants, begging for money or food from passersby. Others with overwhelming bills have to suffice to skip meals for some time. Such a time as this, free meals can mean a whole world to the hungry. Our goal is to see them full and grateful to God.
Shelter for the Homeless
Either due to their families’ natural disposition, the impact of natural disasters, or some unfortunate life events, many people are still homeless and unable to pay for rental homes. Rain or shine, these people need a roof over their heads where they can also experience security and comfort. Grace For All Nations, Inc. provides them with a shelter they can call “home.”
Relief for Natural Disaster Victims
Catastrophes vary in their destructive impact. Typhoons, landslides, earthquakes, and tsunamis, among others – these can cause the victims to start from scratch depending on the extent of their loss. Their livelihood may be stripped out or some family members may pass away which may make moving on difficult. However, we come to their aid. At the time they need help the most, we provide their basic needs such as food, clothing, drinking water, self-care provisions, and more.
Borehole Water Project
Grace For All Nations, Inc. initiates a project to install boreholes in the less privileged communities of the nations. Either in the form of a well or pump, the ultimate goal is to provide pure drinking water for all. These boreholes provide residents with easy access to clean underground water and prevent them from obtaining water from a contaminated source. After installment, we put these boreholes under constant maintenance to make sure that they last for a longer time as much as possible.
Combating Sex Trafficking & Human Trafficking
Human trafficking is a process of enslaving people through harboring or transporting them into illegal situations which involves deception, coercion, or violence. The victims are forced to work against their will with no way out. These illegal activities include forced prostitution, forced labor, forced marriage, forced begging, domestic servitude, and forced organ removal. Grace For All Nations, Inc. helps in rescuing the victims. We advocate against this abuse and help victims restore their dignity and hope in life.
Orphans and Orphanage Homes
Homeless and helpless orphans find their home in the shelter that we established. We aspire that even without parents, children continue to live with a sense of belonging, love, comfort, and security. We help these children grow up not just accommodated but also equipped on how to maneuver their lives on their own through biblical ways of guidance and discipline.
Prison Ministry / Military Veterans / Rehabilitation
The hands of God are not short nor His eyesight obscure to reach out to His children. No matter how messed up people’s lives are, nothing is impossible for God. That is why, bearing this truth, we reach out to prisoners and share them the good news of God’s faithfulness and love alongside rehabilitation programs.

We teach faith in God, Job creation and wealth management.

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