Dying from Lack of Medications


The COVID-19 pandemic has been dominating the spotlight since it first broke out in March 2020. However, there are other health issues that we should all be concerned about that are affecting our fellow men in Africa.

According to a 2015 survey, approximately 1.6 million Africans died of malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV-related illnesses.

These health problems can be prevented or treated with timely access to appropriate resources and medications, vaccines, and other medical services. But less than 2 percent of drugs that are consumed in Africa are produced locally.

This means that many sick patients don’t have access to locally produced drugs and may not afford to purchase imported brand names.

At Grace For All Nations, Inc., we strive to do what’s best and what’s right for our brothers and sisters in need. Our charity organization in Georgia is calling out to all those kind hearts for help.

Together, we can help these people in need get better access to the medication and health care services they need to live long and healthy lives.

We have a variety of humanitarian programs in the United States that you can support!

Contact our international charity organization, today, to find out how you can help.

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