Let Us Help Ukraine: Here’s What You Can Do


It’s been over 50 days since Russia invaded Ukraine and displaced its citizens from their homes, loved ones, and jobs.

Grace For All Nations, Inc. is asking for your help to bring in donations, whatever you can give, for the sake of our Ukrainian friends. Our humanitarian programs in the United States aim to assist millions of people who are homeless, orphans, abused, and displaced victims of disasters.

As a charity organization in Georgia, we implement various programs that cater to their specific needs enabled by the organization’s sponsors, volunteers, and partners. Our ultimate goal is to bring them physical and spiritual hope as we help them rise from their distressing status quo.

Although over 4 million Ukrainians have already fled the country, other citizens are having a much harder time. People of color, as well as members of the transgender community, are facing discrimination, barring them from leaving the country. Refugees are struggling with food shortages, and so are many Ukrainians remaining in and around Kyiv, where food deliveries have become impossible due to security enclosures.

Medical supplies are also badly needed in Ukraine right now. Our international charity organization encourages donors around the world to donate anything they can to help ease the challenges faced by the people of Ukraine. Hygiene kits, medicine, medical equipment, vitamins, and supplements will greatly help millions.

Currently, we work with other charity and humanitarian organizations to maximize the efficiency and reach of our drive. We hope to reach as many Ukrainians and address as many concerns as possible. We are asking you to do the same.

To send in your donations, visit us at 2180 Satellite Blvd Suite 400, Duluth GA 30097, or mail your donations to 1962 Roxey Lane, Winder GA 30680.

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