Protect Human Rights, Help Us Stop Human Trafficking


Human trafficking is a process of enslaving people by harboring or transporting them into illegal situations, often involving deception, coercion, or violence. The victims are forced to work against their will with no way out. These illegal activities include forced prostitution, forced labor, forced marriage, forced begging, domestic servitude, and forced organ removal.

We may not see these activities directly with our own eyes but it is happening every day. Helpless brothers and sisters are being fooled into situations they do not deserve to be in. It strips them of their freedom and choice.

Grace For All Nations, Inc. helps in rescuing the victims. Our charity organization in Georgia advocates against this abuse and helps victims restore their dignity and hope in life. Every day, in every step and means we can accomplish, we make sure to lend a helping hand to people in need, including those who have been torn from their families and have shattered hopes, dreams, and rights.

But despite our efforts, there is still so much to be done. Human trafficking is rampant in places that lack security and support. As such, we are encouraging everyone to lend a hand in stopping this unfortunate situation. By participating in various humanitarian programs in the United States, you can help educate and learn about indicators of human trafficking.

Our international charity organization believes that big impacts start small. So, if you wish to be part of our campaign against the abuse of human rights, feel free to join us. We are always glad to have more hands on deck.

If you believe someone is a victim of human trafficking, please contact the 24-hour National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 or report an emergency by calling 911.

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