Understanding the Humanity of Sharing


When we were kids, we were told to “share our blessings.” We didn’t exactly know what it meant, yet we followed and did the best we could. As adults, when we hear an international charity organization say “donate, volunteer, and sponsor,” we give what we can. When we don’t have anything, we offer our support and prayers. Acts of sharing come to the surface without brute force, perhaps because it is innate for humans to share.

At its very core, sharing means having something and giving a portion of it to others, just like how we share this earth with other people and living organisms that inhabit it. We share even before we understand it. Our mothers shared their bodies to give us life; the doctors who gave birth to us shared their time and skills to ensure we are delivered safely. To be human is to share—our experiences, our resources, and our existence.

Grace For All Nations, Inc. is a magnanimous charity organization in Georgia. We aim to advocate for all nations, creating a bridge so other people can reach out and share their blessings with those in need.

We have an exceptional roster of humanitarian programs in the United States that we support. Such advocacies move forward when we have people who support us. If you wish to be part of our philanthropic mission, sign up to volunteer or contact us to donate.

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